Welcome to the online booking form for Washington Examiner Political Summit taking place October 24-27, 2019.

Please read these instructions prior to beginning this process:

For each guest being registered, you will need:
  • Full legal name - First, Middle, Last (as appears on your passport / government issued picture ID)
  • Birth date
  • Home address
  • Home, Mobile or Office telephone number
  • Any medical conditions the hotel/tour operator should be made aware of
  • email address
  • Credit card for deposit (Name on Card, Card Number, Security Code, Expiration Date, Billing address)
Please do not use all CAPS in this form
Use one booking form per room. After submitting one form, you may begin the process again if you are booking more than one room.
If you are rooming with someone with a different address and different credit card, please have that person complete their own booking form. There is a place that you can cross-reference each other in order for us to berth you in the same room.